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Interior Designs available
Walnut and Ebony Coffee Table with bottom shelf
Walnut Coffee Table with Ebony trim

Oak Coffee Table

Santorini, Greece
Maple & blood wood (laminated)

Gargoyles at Court of Appeal, Ontario
Spalted Maple wood

Bike Ride in New Orleans
Maple laminated with ebony

Bordeaux Gardens, France
Hard maple wood

White Tulips at Ottawa Tulip Festival
Walnut wood

Mykenos, Greece
Bird's eye maple wood

Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
Paduk wood

Mont St. Michelle, France
Jotoba wood

Banf, Alberta
Peruvian Walnut & Wenge (laminated)

Banff, Alberta
White Oak & Paela (laminated)

Blue Butterfly, Niagara Conservatory
Jotoba wood

Black Butterfly, Niagara Conservatory
Bobinga wood

Islamic Prayer
Mahogany (genuine)

Blue cottage in Charlevoix, Quebec
Ghost Maple & Curly Maple (laminated)

Lioness in Kenya
Canary wood

Cottage on France and Geneva border
Mulberry with Bloodwood (laminated)