In my clumsy Spanish, I asked a nearby ranger whether I should

Hypnotism and hypnosis has a long history. Hindu and Buddhist psychics have practiced hypnotism and hypnosis to gain occult powers since the time immemorial. Even in the West, fortune tellers practice self hypnosis to predict future. Calvary seemed like a godsend, especially five years later when Sarah’s husband, John, was imprisoned on fraud charges. The church had originally belonged to the Pentecostal Assemblies of God denomination, and like most Pentecostal churches it focused on energetic demonstrations of God’s presence in daily life: music and dancing, as well as faith healings and speaking in tongues. It was a warm and family friendly community where Sarah, who started working at Hair Cuttery when her husband went to prison, was able to get after school care for her daughters in exchange for offering free hair appointments to other church members.

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