I believe every player needs to take a long look in the mirror

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high end replica bags The rub off effect of the same is expected to be felt on some banks and NBFCs that havea sizeable exposure in the state, it said.The main impact could be in the form of accretion in fresh slippages and the rise in credit costs (especially for SME/MSME/retail) along with weakening credit growth profile.Emkay Global lists out five such stocks which are likely to get impacted the most from Kerala floods:Federal Bank remains at the major risk due to this unforeseen event with 34 percent of lending and 64 percent of deposits directly linked to the state.62 percent of Kerala based deposits are contributed by the bank’s NRI customer base. Out oftotal Kerala based lending book, 51 percentis to corporate, 28 percent towards SME/MSME and 21 percent to the retail segment.Emkay expects that rising risk replica handbags replica handbags china of default in all these segments could see a potential delay in recoveries along with a spike in credit costs.South Indian Bank:South Indian Bank is yet another Kerala based bank with total lending exposure of 41 percent to the state. Also, on a blended basis, 52 percent of the total lending book is contributed by Southern states.State Bank of India:Among large banks, State Bank of India (SBI) would have considerable exposure given that one of the merged associate banks, State Bank of Travancore (SBT), originated from the state with significant exposure to direct agriculture and related sectors.Among private banks, we would remain relatively concerned towards HDFC Bank, considering their healthy Agri exposureDisclaimer: The views and investment tips expressed by Emkay Global on Moneycontrol are its own, and not that of the website or its management. high end replica bags

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high quality replica bags Nobody is clear as to what the final damage across the banking system would be since we don’t Designer Fake Bags yet know which banks are exposed to the Letter of Undertakings (LoUs).There is some political fallout and there could be more, given the absconding jewellers’ connections with the high and mighty.It’s no secret that Indian banking is in dreadful shape.The Q3 results indicate that losses, as well as Non Performing Assets (NPAs), are still rising.PNB was one of five PSU banks that officially declared profits, totalling about Rs 8.5 billion for this set of five.PNB’s declared profits of Rs 2.3 billion are dwarfed by the scam’s likely losses.The other 16 PSU banks declared losses totalling over Rs 189 billion, including SBI’s losses of Rs 24 billion and Bank of India’s losses of Rs 23.4 billion.The RBI estimated in its last replica Purse Financial Stability Report that NPAs could hit 11 per cent of all advances by September 2018. That number will climb.Chances are, the proposed bailout of Rs 2.2 trillion will not be enough to recapitalise PSU banks. Eventually twice that sum, or even more, might be required.In other news, the RBI held Replica Bags policy rates stable in its bi monthly review. high quality replica bags

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