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Board Care 

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Lamination (glue - up): The lamination process, or glue-up, of the cutting boards /serving boards is done by using ATitebond III-Ultimate Wood Glue@, and of course wood clamps.

The Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue@ has a manufacturer=s label which sets out the following properties for this glue:

- waterproof formula provides superior bond strength

- passes ANSI / HPVA Type I water resistance

- FDA approved for indirect food contact

- resists solvents, heat and mildew

- non-toxic

N.B. For more information on this glue consult B


Finishing: After lamination, these boards are passed through the surface planer to remove the excess glue and are then processed through a drum sander with 80 grits sand paper.  The boards are thereafter successively sanded using 100, 150, and 220 grits sand paper.   In terms of finishing, the boards are coated with 2-3 coats of Mineral Oil which is FDA approved for direct food contact. Mineral Oil is an indigestible product and can be purchased at any drug store.

N.B. it is commonly used to relieve constipation.


Caring for your Board:

- do not submerge in water

- do not place in dishwasher

- clean with dish soap and remove excess water

- once a month- disinfect (as needed) with white vinegar, wash with dish soap, dry and apply Mineral Oil

- apply Mineral Oil once a month to keep your board moist.  This will prevent cracking, splinting, etc.

- if board gets scratched with knife use, refinish by sanding using 80, 100 150, 220 grit along with Mineral Oil.


I hope you will enjoy your boards!!


J o s e p h   H e n r i